the story

In a picturesque Romanian village, situated somewhere between the vineyards of the Buzau hills and the old road to the Black Sea, lies a hidden architectural gem – a small mansion built in 1928 in neo-Romanian style. The house with its tall rooms, thick walls and generous garden has witnessed the passage of time and endless stories. It enchanted us from the first moment and tempted us to dream of a simpler life, close to nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Today, the little manor is in good condition because the current owner has taken care of it and maintained it as a summer home. He appreciated its value and preserved all the original elements he found, decorating the house in an artistic style with objects collected from the local area. Lacking funds, we decided to create this crowdfunding campaign to raise the amount of money needed to purchase and then refurbish the mansion in order to transform it into a welcoming home.

Thus, our dream is to bring this manor to life and turn it into a charming place, open to all who want to enjoy the beauty of country life. Our plans include the purchase and painstaking restoration of the manor house, preserving its authenticity and adding modern amenities.

Here we want to organize cultural events, movie nights under the starry sky, live music concerts, art and gardening workshops, and much more. But this project is not just about us, it’s also about the local community. Through this initiative, we will create potential jobs and support the regional economy and tourism.

We invite you to join our project because your contribution is not only an investment, but also an invitation to be part of the story, to create lasting memories and to become an active witness to saving the heritage of rural Romania.

Book your stay in the future restored manor in advance and together we can make a small piece of history shine for future generations.

what we offer

Each contribution makes a real difference to our efforts to preserve and revitalise Romania’s rural heritage. Here, we are not only restoring a mansion, but also preserving an essential part of our history and culture. Expect special rewards in recognition of your support. Choose how you want to contribute to this worthy cause.

  • Contribute up to €500: Receive a limited-edition booklet filled with captivating images, inspiring texts and exclusive interviews about our little manor house and the beautiful village it’s in. This magazine will allow you to get closer to our story and our dream place. You will also have exclusive access to our upcoming events.

But we don’t stop there! If you choose to support our project with larger sums, we offer you even more opportunities to enjoy our restored mansion and the events it will host.

  • €500 contribution: Early booking at the manor for 3 nights, where you will experience the charm and tranquility of this unique place. You will also have exclusive access to our upcoming events.
  • €1000 contribution: early booking at the manor for 6 nights (one week) for a longer and more relaxing experience and exclusive access to our upcoming events.
  • €2000 contribution: Early booking at the manor for 12 nights or 2 weeks, to fully enjoy the country life and beauty of the place, and exclusive access to all our upcoming events.


The crowdfunding campaign will run until the end of 2023, and if the minimum threshold of €40,000 is not reached, donations will be fully refunded.

We appreciate every contribution and are happy to have you join us on this journey. We invite you to be a part of our story and contribute to the rebirth of this wonderful mansion.


Thank you for your support!